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Practice Info

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Swim Practice begins at Bogan Park pool on Monday October 20th @ 4:00 and Diving Practice begins @ 7:30. Swim Time Trials will be held on Thursday October 30th @ 4:00.

In order to start practice on October 20th, the Preparticipation Physical Evaluation, Athletic Participation Consent, and Concussion Forms MUST be completed and turned in to the ATHLETIC DIRECTOR’S OFFICE. The 5 page document containing all 3 forms is available in the FORMS tab of our website. The Booster Club is not responsible for these forms and cannot accept them from an athlete.


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First Day of Practice

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We had a great first day of practice.  Please make sure that you do not leave any belongings in the locker room during practice or meets.  
Everyday is a new day and a new challenge, so take it one day at a time and challenge yourself to improve.  
Here are a couple of key items to focus on as you are beginning to prepare for Time Trials.
  • Streamline off the wall every time 
  • Work on your underwater dolphin kick (this technique is used in every stroke except for breaststroke)
  • Turns - Work on perfecting your turns everyday
  • Breathing - try to breathe every 3 strokes on distance sets and every 5 or 7 strokes on sprints (every stroke except breaststroke)
  • Kicking - Don't forget to use your legs 
  • Technique of the stroke
    • Freestyle - Prevent reaching over (Your right arm should stay on the right side of your body)
    • Backstroke - Rotate your shoulders and prevent reaching over
    • Breaststroke - Try not to pause when you take a breath
    • Fly - Work on not breathing every stroke


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